Whether they’re directing traffic in a parade, or directing residents to the nearest shelter during a flood, Billerica’s Emergency Management Force provides a unique service to the town.

This 30-member group, made up entirely of volunteers, work under Emergency Management Director Bill Laurendeau, and serve as an auxiliary police force to assist the department in the event of a disaster. Lee Scalzilli, a retired police officer with 32 years’ experience, is the force’s chief. Its role has been redefined since Sept. 11, and now includes biological disasters, such as flu pandemics.

Acting as an auxiliary police force, members volunteer literally thousands of hours during the course of the year. You’ll sometimes see them out at the parade and town events.

On some weekend nights they do security patrols. They will out check the schools, playgrounds, other public areas and they will do security checks. Its generally either Friday or Saturday nights.

After 9/11, part of our focus was to bring in volunteers and to take a hard look at emergency management and disaster management issues.

Anyone interested in volunteering as a member of the Billerica Emergency Management Police should contacts us using this form.